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Retirees say they are STILL suffering despite triple lock pledge: ‘It’s not enough!’

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Pensioners aren’t emboldened by Rishi Sunak’s apparent pledge to commit to the controversial ‘triple lock’ in the party’s election manifesto.

GB News’ East Midlands reporter Will Hollis took to the streets of Nottingham to learn more about the public sentiment towards the policy which ensures the state pension rises in line with the highest of earnings.

The plan’s affordability has been thrown into question amid high inflation and rapid earnings growth.

But according to one pensioner, the plan does not go far enough.



Richard Spey, 77, from Arnold, told Will Hollis: “We are the worst paid pensioners in Europe. We need the money.

“We have got to get a seven per cent pension rise this year.”


Asked why it’s important pensioners are recognised by the Government, he added: “We’ve paid our dues.

“It’s about time they paid us back. I worked for 50 years, you pay your dues. We need it.”

67-year-old Simon Wollcock from Woodthorpe, Nottingham, was pleased with the stance taken by the Conservatives.

“It’s appropriate. The state pension is lower here than it is in other European countries”, he said.

Jeremy Hunt

Jeremy Hunt will deliver his Budget next week


“We’ve lost enough as it is by departing the EU.”

Christine Baggaley, 74, from Woodborough, said the decision is a “good thing”.

“As you get older, you get less money, so I’m all for it.

“A lot of people don’t get the money and they’re struggling. Even people with money are struggling.

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Jeremy Hunt with the BudgetJeremy Hunt will deliver the Budget on March 6 PA

“Any extra money we’re going to get, I’m all for it.”

Asked about the pledge being made by both the Tories and Labour, Baggaley was not surprised given the general election, which is expected to take place later this year.

“They will do everything they can and say everything they can to get in”, she said.

“Whether they do it when they get in, who knows.”

While Sunak has not officially confirmed the Tories’ pledge to the policy, a Conservative source indicated to the Telegraph that it is only a matter of time before he does so.

“The triple lock is a Conservative Party creation, has been in every Conservative Party manifesto since we introduced it, and we will commit to it again.”

Jeremy Hunt is set to deliver his Budget next Wednesday as tight public finances continue to grip the nation.

The Chancellor has not ruled out a cut in Government spending in order to fund tax cuts, viewed as vital by many Tories if they are to stand any chance of winning the election.

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