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Cryptocurrency advocate John Deaton launches Warren challenge

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Cryptocurrency advocate John Deaton (R) launched his Senate bid Monday, challenging Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) as she looks to secure her third term in the upper chamber. 

The attorney kicked off his bid on Monday by releasing a video highlighting his tough upbringing, his time as a U.S. Marine and his work in the legal sphere. 

“I joined the Marines, fought addiction, cancer and mountains of debt, no fear, and I will never give up,” Deaton says in the video announcing his run. “After law school, I got married, became the proud father of three amazing daughters and built the law practice. I fought for the little guy. I took on the greedy corporations and the heartless insurance companies.” 

Deaton, a Detroit native, moved to Massachusets last month and is now challenging Warren, one of Congress’s loudest critics, hoping to “shake things up.” 

“Instead of just pointing the fingers at each other, actually work to solve the migrant crisis, fight inflation that’s crushing, working families, work for better opportunities for children,” Deaton says in the video. “Take on Washington corruption and the division that’s killing this country.” 

Deaton faces an uphill battle against Warren, who has won her reelection bid twice. Despite being a newcomer to politics, Deaton hopes to fight for “what is right.” 

“Elizabeth Warren, well she promised to be a champion for those in need,” Deaton said. “Instead, she gives lectures and plays politics and gets nothing done for Massachusetts.” 

Warren sought to silence her critics. On Tuesday, she released a 25-page report, touting more than $50 million she garnered for her home state since taking office 11 years ago. 

“In just the past three years, Senator Warren has worked with President Biden and the Massachusetts delegation to help obtain approximately $20 billion in federal funding5 for projects in Massachusetts through four historic pieces of legislation,” the report says. 

Deaton, who as an attorney represented asbestos victims in his Rhode Island law firm, will loan his campaign $500,000, his campaign confirmed to The Hill.

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