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ChatGPT prompt for writing a Review in a Journalistic style

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Prompt for ChatGPT:

“Craft a review in a journalistic style on a {subject of your choice, such as film, books, theatre, exhibitions, television, restaurants, computer games, live comedy, live and recorded music, wine, or technology.} Follow these guidelines to structure your review:

  1. Introduction: Introduce the subject of your review. Provide context or background information that sets the scene for the reader.
  2. Criteria for Review: Explain the criteria you are using to evaluate the subject. This might include aspects like quality, user-friendliness, artistic value, innovation, etc.
  3. Analysis and Interpretation: Analyze the subject in depth. Break down the components of what makes it stand out, its merits, and its flaws. Interpret its significance in its respective field and its impact on the audience or users.
  4. Personal Criticism and Evaluation: Offer your personal critique, mentioning what you enjoyed and what you didn’t, with specific reasons. Your review should balance both positives and negatives, providing a fair evaluation based on the criteria established.
  5. Writing Style: If reviewing subjects where the experience is not unique (like films or books), write in the third-person voice to maintain a universal perspective. For unique personal experiences (like restaurants), write in the first-person voice to convey your personal journey.
  6. Conclusion: Conclude with a summary of your thoughts and a recommendation. Clearly state if you believe the audience should engage with the subject (watch, read, visit, etc.) and why.

Remember, your review should be opinionated and express your viewpoint clearly. While expertise is a bonus, your unique perspective and analytical skills are key to crafting a compelling review.

Additionally, consider who your audience is for this review – general public, aficionados, experts – and tailor your language and approach to suit their level of understanding and interest.”

This guide is a roadmap for crafting a comprehensive review. Adjust the specific subject and focus areas based on the individual review you plan to write.

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