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The Top 10 Must-Attend Crypto Events in 2024

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As the world enters 2024, the blockchain and cryptocurrency space stands at an inflexion point brimming with anticipation – several major milestones on the horizon could steer industry momentum this year. 

Conferences set to convene luminaries, exchanges hinging on anticipated tech launches, and regulatory conversations striving for a clearer boundary, setting each promise progression for the decentralized landscape. 

For enthusiasts, investors, and professionals closely tracking the crypto sphere’s rising maturity, staying plugged into these anticipated crypto events offers clues into the road ahead.

From big ideas taking shape to new tools lowering barriers and policies propelling mainstream adoption, monitoring where innovation gets built, products get unleashed, and legal frameworks evolve will spotlight the shape of the future now taking form.

Join us as we uncover some events serving as signposts for the crypto road ahead this year and beyond.

Top 10 Crypto Events in 2024

Here are the top cryptocurrency conferences to look forward to in 2024.

Event 1: Catalyst by Coin Market Cap

The Catalyst by Coin Market Cap is set to take place on February 21–22, 2024.

The event aims to bring together visionaries from philosophy, technology, art, and finance to talk about the growth and future of cryptocurrency, Web3, and beyond. 

Taking place in Lisbon, Portugal, as the name suggests, Catalyst is designed to spur new ideas and initiatives that will shape global adoption. This event is a place for you to go if you want to be on the front line of crypto.  

CoinMarketCap is expanding its offerings. Catalyst is the first step in a bold new path that exposes cryptocurrency to the global stage in a new and engaging way – through talks, presentations, workshops, networking events, and much more – rather than simply aggregating data and providing price charts.

Event 2: Blockchain Dubai Exhibition & Summit

The Blockchain Dubai Exhibition & Summit is set to unfold on February 27–28 in Dubai, UAE.

This dynamic two-day summit will unite industry trailblazers, investors, and forward-thinkers to delve into the most recent advancements in the Blockchain, AI, and Gaming realm. The conference is centered on uncovering the potential of blockchain technology.

The event will feature over 30 speakers, with 2 afterparties and 1 Gala dinner. Participants can anticipate riveting panel debates, impactful keynote addresses, and valuable networking prospects. With a mission to connect traditional finance with the realm of cryptocurrencies, the conference is poised to ignite thrilling opportunities for innovation and collaboration.

Event 3: Blockchain Life 2024 – Dubai, UAE

Blockchain Life 2024, is also a highly anticipated event in Dubai, UAE, is set to take place on April 15-16.

With a staggering attendance of over 8,000 individuals from 120 countries. This event is the ultimate global gathering for web3, cryptocurrency, and mining enthusiasts. 

With top industry leaders, government officials, investors, emerging startups, and renowned Crypto Whales, this gathering offers a one-of-a-kind experience.

Get ready for an extraordinary lineup of global crypto experts, a state-of-the-art expo introducing the latest Web 3.0 technologies, diverse networking prospects, compelling speakers with groundbreaking insights, and an exclusive AfterParty designed for VIP attendees and speakers.

Event 4: ETH Gathering Barcelona 2024 – Barcelona, Spain

ETH Gathering Barcelona 2024 is a two-day conference for developers and enthusiasts of Ethereum. It will take place on April 25-26, 2024 at the World Trade Center in Barcelona, Spain.

The conference’s goal is to promote knowledge sharing and thought leadership by featuring technical keynote talks, panel discussions, workshops, and working sessions. Topics such as scalability, security, public good funding, governance tooling, and decentralized finance (DeFi) will be covered. 

This event is the second edition of the successful ETH Gathering Barcelona 2023. which featured 35 speakers and 9 workshops. The conference is made by builders for builders and caters to anyone passionate about Ethereum and its potential to create a more open, fair, and transparent world.

Event 5: Coin Agenda – Global – Los Angeles, CA

Coin Agenda – Global – Los Angeles, CA is a 2-day conference for blockchain and cryptocurrency investors, entrepreneurs, and enthusiasts, happening on May 3–4, 2024 at the Hotel Casa del Mar in Santa Monica, California. 

The conference is part of the LA Blockchain Week and features thought-provoking content, keynote talks, panel discussions, company presentations, and networking opportunities.

Some of the topics that will be covered at Coin Agenda – Global include innovation in California, macro and crypto, crypto VC landscape, sustainability, and blockchain, AI and blockchain, streaming media and Web3, film and NFTs, and more. 

Some of the confirmed speakers include California State Treasurer Fiona Ma, Tether founder William Quigley, WAX co-founder Charlie Shrem, iTrust Capital founder Kevin Maloney, and NBA star Baron Davis.

Event 6: Blockchain Expo – North America – Santa Clara, CA

Blockchain Expo – North America – Santa Clara, CA is a 2-day conference and exhibition for blockchain and cryptocurrency enthusiasts, happening on June 5-6, 2024 at the Santa Clara Convention Center. 

The conference is part of the LA Blockchain Week and features thought-provoking content, keynote talks, panel discussions, company presentations, and networking opportunities.

Event 7: European Blockchain Convention – Barcelona, Spain

The European Blockchain Convention unites over 6,000 Web3 pioneers in Barcelona, September 25-26, 2024.

Participants gain an accessible overview of bleeding-edge blockchain advances during the jam-packed 2-day program. With 300+ speakers across 200+ sponsors, sessions encourage open idea exchange between veterans, innovators, and curious newcomers. 

Attendees discuss trending real-world applications in decentralized finance, NFTs, governance, scalability, regulation, and beyond. The welcoming environment facilitates permissionless conversations that ethically align emerging technologies with business and society. 

Event 8: Futurist Conference – Toronto, Canada

Futurist Conference – Toronto, Canada is a 2-day conference and exhibition for blockchain and cryptocurrency enthusiasts, happening on August 13-14, 2024 at the Rebel and Cabana. 

The conference is the largest and most influential blockchain event in Canada, featuring over 300 speakers, 10,000 attendees, 40 sponsors, and 5 industry tracks.

The conference aims to foster knowledge transfer and thought leadership, creating engaging conversations through technical keynote talks, panel discussions, workshops, and working sessions. 

Some of the topics that will be covered include digital assets and finance, Web3, infrastructure, policy, and blockchain enterprise.

Event 9: Bitcoin Prague

Bitcoin maximalists and curious newcomers gather in Prague June 13th-15th, 2024 for Europe’s premier Bitcoin event – BTC Prague 2024.

The relaxed yet informative atmosphere at the World Trade Center venue encourages open and engaging dialogue around Bitcoin – spanning technical talks, workshops, panels, and more.

With over 100 diverse speakers including industry pioneers like Adam Back of Blockstream and Lightning Labs’ Elizabeth Stark, the schedule covers timely topics from scalability and privacy to regulation, economics, and beyond. 

Attendees appreciate the conference’s uncensored, permissionless approach to conversations that shape Bitcoin’s adoption and real-world impact.  

Event 10: Istanbul Blockchain Week

Istanbul Blockchain Week 2024 facilitates open discourse between over 5,000 Web3 builders at Hilton Bomonti Hotel, August 13-14.

Across 40 sponsors and 5 tracks, 120+ international voices lead keynotes, panels, and workshops centered on blockchain’s real-world integration – from decentralized finance and governance to infrastructure scalability. 

In the past, this conference has featured esteemed Turkish voices like the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe’s Ziya Altunyaldiz alongside Fabric Ventures’ Richard Muirhead and ParaSwap founder Mounir Benchemled.

Veterans gain insight into bleeding-edge advances while newcomers appreciate the welcoming environment to exchange ideas, questions, and connections around driving ethical adoption.

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As a pivotal year, 2024’s major crypto events will shape the landscape’s evolution. By enabling knowledge transfer and unveiling new decentralized applications to mainstream audiences within clearer regulatory frameworks, anticipated conferences, product launches, and policy proposals harbor influence to mature blockchain technology and unlock wider adoption. 

Monitoring these advancements grants enthusiasts, investors, and professionals visibility on strategic decisions to futureproof amid crypto’s next era underpinning the road ahead.

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