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7 February Can’t-Miss Deals at Sam’s Club

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Sam’s Instant Savings is where you’ll find the deepest discounts.

Key points

  • Sam’s typically offers new Instant Savings offers for a three- to four-week period.
  • Waiting until large ticket items go on sale can save hundreds of dollars.
  • Some of Sam Club’s best deals are available online only. 

Sam’s Club may not have the variety of items carried by Costco, but it’s known for offering better deals on the products it does carry. Discounts are even deeper when included in an Instant Savings Book (ISB). These books are available online or at any club location while sales events are active. Sales typically last three to four weeks.

We’ve taken a gander at the February deals and think that these are some of the best offers out there right now. We’ll begin with ideas for Valentine’s Day, discounted enough that you should not have to empty your savings account to make a purchase.  

1. Member’s Mark Gourmet Dipped Chocolate Strawberries, 12 count: $10

In club only

Whether you’re buying them for a sweetheart or showing yourself some love, these delicious Valentine’s Day treats are available in clubs only and only from Feb. 12 through Feb. 14. If you’ve ever purchased chocolate-covered strawberries, you’ll recognize the deeply discounted price. Elsewhere, you can easily pay three or four times this amount for the sweet treat. 

You’ll want to time this sale right. There’s a limited supply, and once they’re gone, they’re gone. 

2. Bright Star Bouquet: $45 (regularly $50)

Online only

Ask anyone who routinely picks up bouquets, and they’ll tell you: Sam’s Club offers some of the nicest flowers around. Not only are they fresh and beautiful, but they somehow manage to last longer than most bouquets. 

What’s special about the deal involves both quality and price. The Bright Star Bouquet includes an arrangement of 12 red roses, six white spider mums, six ruscus, one curly willow, and three Star of Bethlehem in a traditional vase. 

$45 covers both the bouquet and delivery costs. This is another time-sensitive buy. If you want your choice of delivery dates, you should order as soon as possible. 

3. Mini Heart Bundt Cake Maker & Mini Heart Waffle Maker, set of two: $20 (regularly $30)

Online or in club

Imagine a really small waffle maker with a heart-shaped heat surface. That perfectly describes the waffle maker. Now, picture a slightly deeper version of the waffle maker, minus the scoring that gives a waffle its unique texture. That’s the bundt cake maker. Both have a nonstick coating that allows for easy release and come with a recipe guide. 

Each comes individually boxed, so you can give both to one lucky recipient or give them to two different people and leave a little more money in your bank account. Heck, they’re cute enough that you may want to keep one for yourself. 

4. Shark Rotator Pet Pro Lift-Away Upright Vacuum: $200 (regularly $300)

Online or in club

Pro tip here: Unless your partner explicitly suggests you buy them a vacuum for Valentine’s Day, you may want to rethink the move. While this is a great cleaner for pet lovers, it’s not the most romantic gift out there. 

5. Stanley Fatmax Professional Power Station with 120 PSI Air Compressor: $70 (regularly $90)

Online or in club

We’re convinced that every car should carry one of these, and right now, the price is right. 

Let’s say you’re stranded on the side of a road with a dead car battery, a low tire, or both. Rather than wait around for a tow truck, this 10.6-pound gadget will jumpstart your battery and inflate the tire. 

You can even use the power station to charge your phone, tablet, or USB devices.  

6. Westinghouse 9,500/12,500-Watt Dual Fuel Portable Generator: $800 (regularly $1,000)

Online only

It’s February, and if you live in a part of the country where losing power means freezing your fanny off, you’ll want to pay special attention to this portable generator. This model is a dual-fuel generator, meaning it operates on gasoline or propane. It has a heavy-duty Westinghouse engine constructed of durable cast iron, and runs for up to 17.5 hours on a 6.6-gallon gas tank. 

Anyone who’s ever owned a generator will appreciate the fact that it comes with a push-button electric start, meaning that just about anyone can get it up and running. Better yet, it also comes with a remote start key fob, so you don’t even have to walk out into the bitter cold to restart it.  

7. Member’s Mark Hangout Pod: $100 to $130 on clearance (regularly $200) 

Online only

This one is just for fun, and because it’s on clearance, you’ll need to order as soon as possible. If you’re unfamiliar with hangout pods, allow us to describe what makes them so attractive to children. First, there’s a sturdy base with dual stabilizer arms. From the top of the gently rounded base hangs a tent, secure enough to hold up to 350 pounds. It’s the perfect hideaway for an adventurous kid. 

The tent is easy to set up in a playroom, outdoors, or in a child’s bedroom. In fact, it may just lure a little one into taking a nap without a fight. 

The tent is available in two prints. The galaxy print is on clearance for $100, and the blue tie dye is marked down to $130 until the supply is sold. 

Given the rate of inflation, we’re all looking for discounts on the things we need. Fortunately, Sam’s Club is around to fill some of those needs while saving us money.

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