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$1.2 Million in Debt, Michael Jordan Used Team USA’s Olympic Training Facility To Settle His Tabs With Gambling Partner Richard Esquinas

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Michael Jordan holds the reputation for plausibly being the greatest basketball player of all time. However, he holds an increased reputation for his gambling predicaments.

Jordan was an eminent basketball player during his 14-year tenure in the NBA. He made a name for himself through his stellar scoring prowess, which redefined the game.

His Airness captured six NBA championships during his career, amassing a magnificent record of six appearances and six victories in the NBA Finals.

In spite of these cosmic accolades, the American is now remembered for his addiction to gambling rather than his outstanding laurels. In fact, his complications with the addiction were so extensive that they boiled over and intertwined with his professional career.

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Michael Jordan and Richard Esquinas: The gamblers addiction!

Although it was frowned upon at the time, the NBA paid no heed to Jordan’s gambling issues. The Last Dance provided incredible comprehension regarding Jordan and his fondness for gambling.

The recent past revealed that MJ’s difficulties with gambling began when he ascended to fame. As it provided him with financial stability and security, the six-time NBA champion pursued other acts to keep himself engaged.

His gambling partner at the time, Richard Esquinas, once provided some insight into just how ludicrous Jordan’s gambling troubles were with a story from his time at the Olympics.

The US Olympic committee at the time discreetly approached their players concerning donating their salary back to the cause. Jordan readily complied. Other stars who weren’t as financially secure as Jordan were reluctant but ultimately caved in and pledged a part or their entire amounts.

During those practices, Jordan utilized the time to settle his gambling debts with Esquinas. The Black Jesus used the team’s training camp in La Jolla, California, to resume his golf challenge with Richard Esquinas.

As he aimed to mitigate his gambling debts, Jordan eventually utilized his time between and after practices to minimize his debts to a staggering $902,000.

It was also revealed that the five-time NBA MVP’s teammates were aware of his gambling activities and chose to remain quiet. However, although they were aware, no one was certain regarding the amounts involved.

After all, even the greats are mere mortals.

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Michael Jordan’s betting nature

To say Jordan wasn’t a betting man would be false. The 60-year-old was an avid gambler during his playing career and would engage in betting activities on a recurring basis.

His success on the basketball court enabled him to participate in such activities without considering the consequences. Yet, the NBA pioneer knew his limits and hadn’t gone overboard. Nonetheless, he was scrutinized for it just the same at the time.

Today, the NBA Hall of Famer does not engage in these activities, or at least not in the public eye. Hopefully, those days are long behind him.

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