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Debt collectors chase sick ex-landlord for £500 council tax bill dating back 20 years

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Deen Adam was bemused to open a letter from an agency, working on behalf of Birmingham City Council, demanding he pay the authority £514 for alleged missed payments in 2006.

The historic council tax bill( Deen Adam)

A sick ex-landlord is being hounded by debt collectors over a council tax bill from 18 years ago.

Deen Adam was shocked to receive a letter from an agency, working for Birmingham City Council, asking him to pay £514 for supposed missed payments in 2006.

The dad said he was “astounded” and “angry” at the council’s “audacity”. He wondered why the cash-strapped authority had decided to chase him for the old bill instead of his former tenants who lived at the address in Runcorn Road, Balsall Heath.

Mr Adam, who has long-term health problems, said he was finding it hard to make a hot cup of tea “let alone dig out files” and “go through old paperwork”. In the letter, seen by BirminghamLive, debt company Equita wrote: “You have been sent this notice of enforcement because you have not paid money you owe.”

“A liability order was issued by the court for non-payment of council tax due to Birmingham City Council on 16/08/2006 for a period up to 08/12/2006.” Mr Adam, who owned several properties in 2006, said he was “upset” and questioned the timing of the letter. Why could they not bring up this matter sooner?” he asked. “Is it any wonder they’ve gone bankrupt? The property I owned had tenants in at the time. The council should be contacting them for the non-payment, not myself, the ex-landlord.”

“I am really shocked and angry at the audacity of the council. I’m no longer a landlord and I’m suffering with long-term health issues and in receipt of disability benefits. It couldn’t have come at a worse time.”

“I think this is truly unreasonable. How has it taken the best part of 20 years to discover this cold case?”

Birmingham City Council released a statement saying that the previous tenancy agreement provided had “conflicted with other council tax records”. They added, “Because of inconsistencies, we asked for additional information [from Mr Adam],”

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