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Binance Pay partners DT One for mobile crypto top-ups

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Contactless crypto payment platform Binance Pay has partnered digital micropayments platform DT One to launch mobile top-up services for crypto users.


DT One is a global digital micropayments platform powering cross-border transfers of mobile top-ups, data bundles, gaming pins, and gift cards. The company’s partnership with Binance Pay will allow Binance users to purchase mobile top-ups in their cryptocurrency of choice in more than 150 countries and across more than 600 telco providers around the world, including Saudi Telecom, Globe, AIS, and AT&T.  

Binance Pay officials have stated in the company press release that their partnership with DT One aims to provide users with easier top-up services and more crypto use cases. They also expressed their goals of working with other similar companies in order to increase crypto adoption around the world. 

In turn, DT One officials revealed their mission to bring fast, secure and low-cost mobile top-up solutions to as many people as possible in order to improve financial inclusion globally.



How can users top up their mobile on the Binance app?

In order to top up their SIM on Binance Pay, users first need to log into the app and make sure that they’re using Pro Mode. The next step involves tapping on the Pay icon located in the top right corner of the home screen. 

Users then need to select the Mobile Top Up function and enter their mobile number, select their network provider from the drop-down menu, and choose a top-up amount. The top-up function needs to be confirmed via a pop-up window that will appear on the screen after the user has selected the top-up amount. It’s advisable that Binance Pay clients review that their payment wallet and chosen currency are correct before tapping Continue. 

Afterwards, the user is directed to the Mobile Top Up Processing status page, and once the top-up is successful, a message will be displayed.

Other Binance Pay partnerships

In June 2022, Binance Pay has also partnered with superapp enabled Splyt in order to allow Binance users to seamlessly access ride-hailing services and experiences from within the Binance app. 

With this partnership, Binance became the first cryptocurrency ecosystem to offer ride-hailing services on its platform. The features and benefits of Splyt are available directly within the Binance interface, without needing to close the mobile app or switch to other platforms. Users are also able to pay for the services in their most preferred cryptocurrency. 

In July 2022, Binance Pay has also partnered with Bolt Global in order to allow Binance users from more than 150 countries to access Bolt+, a Web3 live entertainment and social experience powered by Binance Pay.

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