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Ana Ivanovic answers if she has ever ‘felt urge to return’ after early retirement

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Ana Ivanovic says she has always been at peace with her retirement decision and there are absolutely no regrets over retiring early from pro tennis.

Ivanovic, the 2008 French Open champion and a former world No. 1, announced she was walking away from pro tennis in 2016 December. Around a month before retiring, Ivanovic turned 29. 

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When Ivanovic retired, many were surprised but also disappointed because she was retiring at an early age. Since retiring, Ivanovic has been frequently asked about the prospect of returning to tennis. This week, Ivanovic received another question related to her early retirement as a fan wanted to know whether she has ever “felt the urge to return to pro tennis.”

“No, it was the right decision at that time and I now have my beautiful family and still play some tennis from time to time of course,” Ivanovic answered.

Why Ivanovic retired after the 2016 season?

In 2016, Ivanovic finished the season with five consecutive losses. In the last couple of months prior to her retirement, there were some retirement rumors surrounding Ivanovic but she appeared to shut them down after the US Open. But then, Ivanovic announced her retirement on December 29, 2016. 

Ana Ivanovic
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On the sixth anniversary of her retirement in 2022, Ivanovic revealed constant injuries and health struggles prompted her early retirement.

“I think it’s always a very hard moment in your career when you make that decision but to be honest, last year or over a year, I was really struggling with a lot of injuries and I felt like I could never get myself back in a shape to be in the top and I really felt it was time for me to step back and to look for other opportunities and other wishes that I had for starting a different career,” Ivanovic said in a video uploaded on her Instagram.

Ivanovic is now 36 and shares three kids with her husband Bastian Schweinsteiger.

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