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50 Cent Ramps Up Efforts To Collect $50K Debt From Teairra Mari

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50 Cent has never played when it comes to getting his money, and now, he’s filed paperwork against Teairra Mari to collect on a debt that now totals in excess of $50,000.

Court documents obtained by Radar Online on Tuesday (January 23) reveal that Fif filed the writ of execution in Sacramento County, CA. The writ, which is a court order that allows the sheriff to collect money owed in a judgment, states that the sheriff is to enforce the judgment and is directed to do so by any legal means, including wage garnishment, till tapping and levying bank accounts.

What’s more, if Mari fails to satisfy the judgment after the execution of the writ, the Power executive producer is legally allowed to further ramp up his efforts against her in order to collect, including placing a lien on her property and having her driver’s license suspended.

Per the writ of execution, 50 Cent claimed that Teairra Mari owes him $50,476. He was initially awarded a judgment of $30,618, plus another $5,000 in sanctions. However, an additional $14,000 in interest has been added to the judgment due to her failure to pay what she owes.

This isn’t the first time 50 Cent has filed a writ of execution against the ex-Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood star, who unsuccessfully sued Fif and her ex-boyfriend, Akbar Abdul-Abad, in 2018 over revenge porn allegations.

Back in 2021, the G-Unit mogul’s legal team filed their first writ against Mari for $37,733. At the time, the writ showed that the additional $4,492 was added to the judgment after Mari was sanctioned in the case and accused of failing to provide answers to questions about her finances.

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When that failed to produce any results, Fif took to his Instagram in 2022 to make a post, which he subsequently deleted, demanding that Mari turn over what she owed to him.

“Young lady you’re going to learn to have respect for the legal system whether you like it or not. where is your friend lisa bloom now ! she ran away and left you smh you know you done fvcked up right ! I want Money by Monday. #bransoncognac #lecheminduroi,” he wrote in the caption.

Mari, however, hasn’t been taking 50’s jabs laying down, responding to him in an Instagram post in 2019.

“Never believe a n-gga named Curtisss… even if he is your favorite washed up old school rapper,” she captioned a video, which was also subsequently deleted. “Here is the real news: My Lawyers are all the way on point (the best), I never had an arrest warrant.”

“And Spare Change never TRADEMARKED SHIT.. he’s just trying to steal drip.. he needs it bad.. you see how this boy dress #iaintgotit™️ #wanted #Getthestrapon #50centpeddlesmoonshine.”

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